How to Use this Site

Registering for the Annual Meeting

To register for the annual meeting, follow the "Conference Registration" link in the left sidebar (or click here).  You will see a description of the conference with all associated costs; at the bottom, click "Register now." Complete the registration form (note, you can register on behalf of multiple participants). We accept online payments via PayPal. If you wish to pay in advance by check or at the door by check or cash, please select "Pay Later". Your name will be on our door list, and you can pick up your registration packet after paying. Conference registrations include annual membership. 


Submitting a Paper Abstract

Following the call for papers, this site will accept abstract submissions. You must create an account on this site to submit an abstract (creating an account is free). Follow the link "Submit an Abstract" and fill out the form. If you are not submitting a paper that is already part of an organized session, please leave the "Related Session" field blank. If you are part of an organized session, your session organizer must submit your paper for you. If you are the session organizer, please follow the instructions below on submitting a session first. When you are logged in you can access your submission and revise it at any time by clicking "My Submissions" in the left sidebar.


Submitting an Organized Session

If you have organized a session of papers, you can submit your session's abstract and all corresponding paper abstracts for your session on this site. You must create an account on this site to submit a session abstract. Please follow the "Submit a Session" link FIRST. Fill out the form for your session. Then you can follow the "Submit an Abstract" link to submit each paper in your session. At the bottom of the form you will see a "Related Session" pull down menu. Choose your session from that list. When you are logged in you can access your submissions and revise them at any time by clicking "My Submissions" in the left sidebar.


Forgot your Password?

If you can't remember your password, go to and enter the email address you used when registering on the site. Within 5-10 minutes the system will send you a one-time login link where you can change your password.


Further Questions?

Please direct questions about the conference to the Conference Organizer.

Please direct technical website questions, including problems with logging in and submitting abstracts to the webmaster.