Northeastern Anthropological Association

2017 NEAA Student Paper Prize Competitions

M. Estellie Smith Graduate Paper Prize
John Omohundro Undergraduate Paper Prize
NEAA Poster Paper Prize

Expression of interest for posters due: February 27, 2017
Online submission deadline: April 7, 2017

Each year the NEAA awards prizes to the best graduate and undergraduate papers presented at the annual meeting. Separate awards are also given for the best undergraduate and graduate student poster papers. This year, the prizes will be $250 each.

In the past, awards were announced at the conference. We are now extending the submission deadline for 1 month past the conference. Awards will be announced in the following NEAA newsletter and on the website. Guidelines for submissions are as follows:

  1. Separate graduate and undergraduate prizes are awarded for both podium and poster papers. The abstracts (and in some cases the papers) are published in the NEAA newsletter and publication of the articles in professional journals may be facilitated.
  2. To be eligible, the podium and poster papers must be presented in a conference session by the author at the NEAA meeting. Please make sure to complete registration and abstract forms.
  3. The papers may be in any sub-field of anthropology and can be given in French, Spanish or English.
  4. For the Smith and Omohundro prizes, only the “conference version” of the paper (i.e. the podium version that is actually read) is eligible; this is a paper of 8-12 pages, double spaced, exclusive of bibliography. The bibliography should be included with the paper. Paper exceeding 15 pages exclusive of the bibliography will not be eligible.
  5. For the NEAA poster paper prizes a 2-page, double-spaced, summary of the poster must be provided by February 27 to express the entrants' interest in having their poster judged at the meetings. Please send your 2-page summary to Dr. Bishop at [TBA] by February 27.
  6. Revised conference papers and poster paper summaries must be received within 1 month of the conference, or by April 7, 2017. Papers must be submitted online in .doc, .docx, .pdf, or .rtf format. The link for submitting papers will be available here immediately following the 2017 meeting.
  7. A cover page must be attached with the author’s name, address, phone number, email address, institution, department and program. Entrants must also specify the competition (graduate or undergraduate, podium or poster) that they are entering.
  8. Shared student authorship papers are eligible provided that the category in which they are entered (i.e. undergraduate or graduate) is appropriate for the most senior author. Papers co-authored with professionals are not eligible for the competition.
  9. All papers submitted by undergraduates must be accompanied by a note (uploaded by the student on the online submission form) from the student’s advisor or a professor from their department, indicating that the work is an original piece and that the professor believes it to be appropriate for presentation at the conference.
  10. The submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges under the direction of the President-Elect of the NEAA.