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The NEAA Bulletin is a peer-reviewed series published regularly by the Northeastern Anthropological Association. The Bulletin is designed to promote and disseminate original high quality anthropological scholarship conducted by practitioners situated regionally in the Northeastern United States. The series is intended for professional anthropologists and students. The NEAA Bulletin publishes research covering the traditional four fields of anthropology as well as applied work.

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Fall 2011, "Borders, Margins, & Passages"
Anne M.Galvin, Guest-Editor

Boundedness and Mobility: New Approaches to the Study of Culture in an Era of Globalization
Anne M. Galvin, St. John’s University
Lines Across The Water: The Lasting Power of Colonial Borders in Maritime Southeast Asia
Charles O. Frake, SUNY Buffalo
Waste in the Margins of the State: Negative Externalities and the Production of the U.S.–Mexico Border Region
Suzanne Simon, University Of North Florida
The Rise of the “Guru Cool”: Global Crossings of the New (Age) Gurus
Denise Nuttall, Ithaca College
Ahmadi Muslims in the United States: Negotiating Missionary Work and Religious Sustainability
Amanda J. Buonopane, SUNY Buffalo
Accumulation, War, and Dispossession: Burkinabé Repatriates’ Problematic Reincorporation in the Homeland
Kathryn V. Boswell, Bard College At Simon’s Rock
Governing the Margins: Crime Containment and Community Development in Kingston, Jamaica
Anne M. Galvin, St. John’s University
What would Krishna Say to Shakespeare? Interculturalism and Performance in India
William Landon, Independent Researcher

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